069: Thyrgrim - Tysk Svart Metall!


Limited to 100 hand numbered cassettes in jewel cases.
This is a compilation of songs from different records of Thyrgrim.
They were all written by Thyrgrim and licensed by Talheim Records.

Dedicated to the most intense feelings...

Aggression (Side A)
Verrater (Erwachen ‎2014)
Die Erlosung (Erwachen ‎2014)
Dette Er Tysk Svart Metall (Dekaden 2015)
Endzeit (Monument 2010)
Die Seuche Mensch (Dekaden 2015)
Hass (Niedergang 2008)

Depression (Side B)
Der Weg ( Dekaden 2015)
Starbend (Erwachen 2014)
Starbend 2 (Dekaden 2015)
Wenn Es Schneit (Winterhall 2006)

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