Crawl / Leviathan Split LP – Red River Family Records Edition

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Limited to an Edition of 333.
1st and only pressing.

Self-loathing and Internal decay actualized through 42 Minutes of Depression, Hatred, and Woe. Imprisonment represented in the form of this aural immolation.

This LP Edition contains 18 minutes of previously unreleased material from both Leviathan and Crawl within 2 separate bonus tracks.

Side Ψ:
Crawl :
A 1. At The Forge of Hate
A 2. An Immeasurable Rotten Shape (Manus Iustitiae)

Side Ω:
Leviathan :
B 1. Igneous Ashen Tears
B 2. Withered Upon Her Kingdom of Was

Red River Family Records Edition includes One (1) Crawl / Leviathan 'Frozen Ghost White' Split LP packaged within a Matte White LP Jacket and Black Inner Sleeve, and One (1) Black Vice / Haunter ‘Traditional Black’ Split LP packaged within a Black Glossy LP Jacket and Inner Sleeve.
Records will begin shipping on April 22nd.

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