008: The Way to Light/Feral/Wrecca


The Way to Light -
Dark folk, Ambience from Texas
1. Cold Eyes. That Grasp
2. Wounded Wing
3. Dead Leaves
4. Gone: Through the fire

Members: Austin Rathmell

Feral -
Acoustic, Doom folk from Utah
1. Intro
2. Moon Rise
3. The Great North
4. Work of Gold
5. Outro

Members: Lone Wolf

Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient Folk
6. Journey...to their knowledge
7. Take us away
8. ...and back again we go

Tyrant - Guitars, Vocals, Drums
Feral - Acoustic
Shumma - Vocals, Sounds
Ariale - Cello, Organ, sounds
Vultuur - Drums (on: take us away)

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