Kiukinberg - Adorn My Flesh in Shadows

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‘Adorn My Flesh in Shadows’ consists of 6 new sinister tracks brewed by two poultry-farming witches in the Northernmost reaches of Appalachia, steeped in the harsh and trodden memories that lurk in the dark forests that surround us.

Kiukinberg is female fronted, mantic, fast, hallucinatory blackened-punk for those who still remember the early days of Black Metal.

FFO: Venom, Bathory, Darkthrone

Track Listing
1. Acer Rubrum (Intro)
2. Adorn My Flesh in Shadows
3. Ghosts of the Ancients
4. Fungus Hunter
5. Spear of Lugh
6. Winds of the World

Ariale - Vocals, Lyrics, Spells
Hrukjan - Instruments, Rhythms, Chants
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sacrificial Sounds
Allegany, New York
Cover art by Warhead Art