The Way To Light - The Sun's Ascent (CD)

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The Sun's Ascent
3 tracks of about a half an hour of ambient meditational guitar hymns. Songs of warmth and pain in a decaying world. Something untouchable yet impossible to let go of. Embrace these scars. Forever.:

1. Withering Light
2. Shard of a beautiful world
3. The Sun's Ascent

Deep, desolate, and forgotten.
Only among these woods and the remnants of those who have passed could such an experience occur. Among bone, leaves and light, we lay. Entranced and astray, but true.
Humanity in its purest form.
These three tracks of light echo the howling of these forests. Our life fleeting as we return to dust. Hymns for our forgotten fathers. Who, like we will soon, have escaped the light of the sun. Feel the warmth in these songs... Watch the sun ascend.

The Way To Light
-The Suns Ascent-

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